Welcome to LGD Montana!  My 100+ acre ranch is located in the heart of bear, wolf and coyote country in South Central Montana near Laurel.  I specialize in breeding purebred ranch raised Kangal Livestock Guardian Dogs with the rancher and farmer in mind who faces serious predator issues.  My kennel also has purebred Spanish Mastiff and Pyrenean Mastiff breeding stock.  My pups are successfully guarding sheep, cattle and goats all over the US and Canada, and excel in providing the most trustworthy non-lethal predator control you can buy.  Investing in an LGD is investing in peace of mind for you and life insurance for your livestock.  All of my LGD's are raised on and live with sheep and goats.  They not only keep my livestock safe, but my family as well.  Thanks for visiting my website, and please feel free to call me or write me with your questions.   

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